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The Pastor's Sabbath Pulpit Series


Revelation Uncovered


Presentations each Sabbath beginning, October 19, 2013


Barrington H. Brennen, Speaker

Church Pastor


This Sabbath pulpit series uncovers the truths in the book of revelation.

Dates and Topics
  • October 19:  Revelation Uncovered--Revelation and You Overview
  • October 26:  Revelation Uncovered--Letters to the Churches Part 1  Click here to see the church and personality traits.
  • November 2: Revelation Uncovered--Letter to the Churches Part 2 Week of Prayer
  • November 9: Revelation Uncovered-- Click HERE for the handout "Sabbath Revelation Gossip Part 1" This is for the purpose of facilitating discussion at home with family and friends.  The sermon title: “What steps are we taking heavenward? . . .Revelation Uncovered—the Seven Churches Part 3”
  • November 16: Community Services Day, Pastor Leonard Johnson
  • November 23: Children's Day
  • November 30: Revelation Uncovered--The Crisis Part 2 Deacons & Deaconess Day
  • December 7: Revelation Uncovered--The Secrets Part 1
  • December 14: Youth Day
  • December 21: Revelation Uncovered--The New Noel and Revelation







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