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Peter Joseph

January 31, 2015 to present


Pastor Peter Joseph became the pastor of Centreville Church on Sabbath, January 31, 2015.  


Pastor Peter Joseph is an administrator, evangelist and a family life expert and author.  He has earned academic degrees and graduate certificates from Northern Caribbean University and Andrews University . He also currently serves as Executive Secretary of South Bahamas Conference of Seventh day Adventist. For over twenty years the Holy Spirit has used him in soul winning efforts, resulting in several thousand converts being added to the church and has organized three churches . He has travelled throughout the Caribbean , United States of America, South America, North Africa, Europe, and the Middle East to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. In addition, he actively participates in organizing people to respond to physical and social needs in poor communities .  He has disciple scores of Christians who are now equipping others for soul winning mission . Pastor Joseph is married to Michelle Joseph née McKinney, from the Bahamas. Together they have two handsome sons, Newton Joseph and Edmund Joseph. After completing their studies at Northern Caribbean University, they will be attending Atlantic Union College in order to prepare for Pastoral Ministry. A consistent prayer life and daily bible study forms the fabric of his spirituality . Pastor Joseph is an Antiguan national. He loves people dearly and loves God supremely.






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