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September 2013 Church & World News  

Last Updated Sunday, September 29, 2013


Elder's Baptism Sabbath  September 28, 2013

On Sabbath, September 28, 2013, The Year of the Laity in the Inter-American Division reached an awesome peak at the Centreville Seventh-day Adventist Church, Nassau, The Bahamas, when six local elders baptized six precious souls.  The first elder, Todd Beneby said "It was truly a sobering experience."   With a packed church of over three hundred members, friends, and visitors, the baptisms were a special experience to all of the elders.   All eleven elders shared in the examination of the baptismal candidates and six, who worked with persons, baptized.  This was made possible through a special proclamation by the Inter-American Division for 50,000 local elder in the Division to baptize on this Sabbath.  Centreville was blessed to be a part of it.  The local elders who baptized were:  Todd Beneby, first elder;  Yvon Cherefant, Personal Ministries Director;  Freeman Duncanson, David Knowles, Oral Gibson, Harrison Moxey.    The sermon was delivered by a local elder, Clayton Forbes.  It was the final sermon in the month-long Sabbath emphasis called Elders on Fire.  (Photo: Yvon Cherefant baptizing)



Todd Beneby Preaching at the Festival of the Laity (7.27 Minutes)

Friday, September 27, 2013, Hillview Seventh-day Adventist Church




2013 Week of Prayer Readings November 2-9

"And They Followed Him"

Each year the Seventh-day Adventist Church celebrates a week of spiritual emphasis. The theme for the 2013 Week of Prayer is And They Followed Him. In support of the Week of Prayer, the Adventist Review is giving unrestricted access to this special issue. We've provided all the readings for the week, including the children's stories. We trust that this material will be a blessing to you. (Take from Adventist Review Online)


Greetings From the President

World church president Ted N. C. Wilson welcomes readers to this special edition of Adventist Review.


First Sabbath: Living With Heaven in Our Hearts  November 2

Jesus Shows Us the Way.


Sunday: Things Deeply Hidden--Yet Seen  November 3

Our life can be a wonder too.


Monday: The Cruciform Mind  November 4

What's behind our interaction with others? 


Tuesday: What Am I Thinking?  November 5

Moral sensitivity and spiritual influence.


Wednesday: Integer or Fraction?  November 6

Living the whole package.


Thursday: What Will It Take?  November 7

Doing the best we can with all we have.


Friday: Leave the Light On  November 8

What is revealed when Christ lives in us?


Second Sabbath: Our Present Duty  November 9

What steps are we taking heavenward?


Children's Readings  

Saustin Mfune's special readings and activities for the younger set.




SPIRITUAL GIFTS INVENTORY  Print out the four single pages of the Spiritual Gifts Inventory below.  The first two pages are the questions.  The third page is the score sheet.  The last page is to write your results on.  Or you man choose to do it online.

  1. Spiritual Gifts Sheet One

  2. Spiritual Gifts Sheet Two

  3. Calculating Your Spiritual Gifts

  4. Results Sheet

  5. Online inventory No printing required


40 DAYS OF PRAYER AND FASTING:  [ Daily Activities On Wednesday night the South Bahamas Conference began 40 days of prayer and fasting which ends on Sunday, October 13, 2013. Each day we are asked to pray for something specific.  Fasting is not limited to food.  We may need to “fast” from watching television, Facebook, sweets, etc.   Let this be a time of spiritual renewal and reformation.  Here’s what to pray about each day this week. (Each week will be published in the bulletin and on this website)




ELECTION PROCESS BEGINS ON SABBATH:  Today , September 7, 2013, we begin church elections process.  This means we begin to select new officers for the coming year.  Our first task is to select the organizing committee.  This committee will select the nominating committee.  The nominating committee would meet to prayerfully select officers that will be presented to the church to be voted on.  The pastor serves as the chair for both committees (CM 2010, page 102).  Today we will vote on the organizing committee and the term of office.  The normal term of office is one year or can be two years.   The Church Manual allows for a two-year term of office to be agreed upon by the members, to “facilitate continuity and development of spiritual gifts and to eliminate the work involved in having yearly elections.” (CM 2010, page 65).   

If you feel you have a gift of leadership in a particular area, or would like to serve in a particular area, kindly indicate on the form being passed out today.  Note carefully, the criteria or serving is that one must be a member in regular standing and has the skills needed for the post appointed to.  We will also be conducting a spiritual gifts inventory to help someone decide the kind of ministry he or she is best suited for.  Our goal is to complete church elections by early November to facilitate planning and training.





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