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Pastor Peter Joseph



Family Ministries Centreville 2015


Pastor Peter Joseph, Family Ministries Coordinator


FAMILY MINISTRIES: Plan now for the Single and Gifted seminar hosted by the Family Ministries Department of our conference. The seminar will be held May 20 - 23, 2015 at Centreville Seventh-Day Church. The key text is Romans 8:31.

Theme Song: "Wonderful, Merciful Saviour"

Date Time Moderator Speaker
Wed. 20th 7:15pm Felicia Datus Elder Alvarico Moss
Thurs. 21st 7:15pm Kenisha Hanson Ms. A. Robyn Curtis
Fri. 22nd 7:15pm Christine Brown Dr. Stephanie Hutcheson
Sabbath 23rd 5:30pm Chandalear Forbes Panel Discussion

The objectives of the seminar are:

1. To bring like-minded singles together for spiritual, social, physical and intellectual empowerment by sharing and receiving information.

2. To provide activities that bring singles together for self understanding and meeting needs

3. To point out opportunities for singles to use their gifts for Godís service

4. To provide a forum to address the struggles that singles wrestle with inside and outside the church



















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